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Cut energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint and site operations with a
Fully Funded or CapEx Lighting as a Service (LaaS) Solution.


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Optimise Energy Solutions (OES) is an Australian innovative green energy technology company that provides CapEx or Fully Funded Lighting Solutions for large scale commercial and industrial businesses. Our team has experience working across the US, UK, European and Australian markets achieving over $200m in savings to date. OES works with major asset owners and operators, who currently operate lighting systems that produce high costs, either on energy consumption and/or maintenance.


By using Lighting as a Service, you have the option for a financed or CapEx solution. Why spend countless hours convincing management to up your budget for a retrofit upfront? Instead, the pay-as-you-go model does not require any upfront payment.

Best of all, the service costs are spread over time from the energy savings, making it a Zero CapEx solution. OES adopts a collaborative approach with customers through the Optimise; AUDIT, EVALUATE & DELIVER program targeting the best possible results.


We know that balancing consumption concerns with kilowatt-hours and dollars can be a challenging exercise. Our comprehensive design & project management consultancy delivers the most efficient full-service turnkey LED lighting upgrade.

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